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RC Propellers & Spinners

Magnum RC Scale Variable Pitch Props
Magnum RC Scale Variable Pitch Props
Scale Variable Pitched multi blade props are hard to find except at Magnum RC. Made from High Tensile Aluminum, the spinners are CNCnd from block stock. Highly Polished, the spinners are a great addition to the ensemble. The carbon fiber blades weigh 2 ounces each and are replaceable.
Zoar WWII Props
Zoar WWII Props
The Zoar WWII flying propellers are one of the safest designs on the market. Steel reinforced hub and hand finished to an acceptable balance, the Zoar is a must for your favorite Warbird.
These Spinner Hubs are hand made to engine specifications. Solid Billet
Propeller drilling Jigs
Propeller drilling Jigs
EME Prop Drill Jig is a must when you buy a gas engine.. Saves on drilling mistakes to your props.